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Test & Certification

We inspect Test and certified all lifting appliances

Mobile Cranes, Hoists, Chains, Slings, Shackles, Winches, Chain blocks, Lever hoists, Gantrys, Hydraulic cranes, Track machines, Dumpers, Rope blocks, Pulley blocks, Plate clamps, Forklifts, Concrete skips, Block grabs, Crane forks, Forklift attachments, Nylon slings, Eye bolts, Safety harness and accessories, Wire ropes, Anchor points, Lift shafts beams , Food and passenger lifts, All lifting equipment fully certified and electronically sent to customer when complete, Full colour code practice if needed,

  • Pre-Inspection on cranes before testing
  • Mechanical Tensile Testing
  • Over 200 tonnes of calibrated test weights
  • A speedy efficient quality service throughout Ireland
  • All work fully certified for legal compliance

Testing of Chains on test bed Test & Certification of Track Machines

Testing of Teleporters



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