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2250 KG RECOVERY WINCH 24V NO ROPE SUPPLIED [ Rope size needed is 8mm x 23m long ]
12v or 24v DC Electric Recovery Winch
2250kg Line Pull
Rated Line Pull (single line): Maximum recommended working capacity 2,200kgf to comply with EN14492-1.
Stall capacity 4300kg., Gear Ratio: 216:1 for either 12v or 24v., Motor: High torque series wound 24v (4.7hp).
Switching: Heavy duty, double acting solenoids can be mounted adjacent to winch [ NOT SUPPLIED ] or on to the winch tie bars with straps provided.
Load Limiting Device Optional, pre-wired and fitted to underside of solenoid pack. [ NOT SUPPLIED]
Can be calibrated to shut down winch when maximum load limit is reached.
Wanderlead Control: Commercial heavy duty type with 2 operating buttons and 4.5m cable.[ NOT SUPPLIED ]
Other lengths and additional emergency stop button versions available on request.
Roller Guides: Heavy duty, 4 way commercial type with grease ways. [ NOT SUPPLIED ]
Wire Rope: 8mm diameter galvanised 1960Nmm2 grade, 6 x 36 wire core construction [ NOT SUPPLIED ] with 44.7kN minimum breaking strain.
Free spooling: Lever on gear housing to disengage clutch.
Complete Kit Weight: 40kg
• 2250kg line pull
• Powerful series wound, high torque motor options
12v or 24v
• Optional electronic load limiting device
Pre wired to solenoid for safer winch operation
• 3 stage planetary gearing
Providing high mechanical efficiency
• Automatic braking action in drum
• Free spool clutch lever
Easy to operate lever for disengaging drum
• Power in / power out
Fine control ensures load will not overrun
• 4 way roller guides and mounting plate
• Heavy duty 4.5m wander lead control
Two button supplied a standard, alternative lengths and
additional emergency stop button available on request
• Wire rope positively secured to drum
Using fixed plug and grub screw engagement
These winches must not be used for the movement of personnel and 5 wraps of wire rope must be maintained on the drum. Data shown is approximate and intended as a guide only
Electric Winch, 4.5m heavy duty 2 button wander lead,
mounting plate, roller guides and 8mm x 23m galvanised
1960Nmm2 grade 6x36 core wire rope with safety latch
Total kit weight 40kg

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