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C & C Lifting

Cargo Lashing kit

Kits 4 x 3,000KG 4M Ratchet Strap 3T 35MM complete with Claw hook complete with 4 x wheel straps Manufactured To EN12195-2 DIN60060 AS/NZS4380 Webbing - 100% Polyester These Ratchet Lashings Are Perfect For Use With Transportation, Leisure Use And Commercial Use. The Main Use Of These Ratchet Lashings Are For Securing/Lashing/Strapping/Fastening Loads. The Professionals All Use Ratchet Lashings With Claw Hooks As It Has Many Uses. The Webbing In The Ratchet Lashings Are Made From 100% Polyester And The Ratchets Have A Quick Release Mechanism. Our Ratchet Lashings Are Made To EN12195-2. These Are Also Known As Cargo Lashings And Bale Straps.

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