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Fall Arrest Rope Lanyard

HIRE OR SALE FALL ARREST ROPE LANYARD 30 METER LONG COMPLETE WITH LOCKING DEVICE - RGP1 .. "VERTICAL USE ONLY" Ridgegear RGA10R 16mm Rope with Single Eye and RGA10 Grab Description About the Ridge gear RGA10R 16mm Rope with Single Eye: The RGA 10R is available in three standard lengths, 10m, 20m and 30m. However, custom lengths can be made up to suit the client’s application. The RGA10R is used in conjunction with the RGA10 rope grab to provide vertical, or near vertical fall protection. The RGA10R is fitted with a single spliced eye and fitted with a nylon thimble. The hawser laid construction of the nylon rope, provides good shock absorption qualities and offers some resistance to alkali, oils and organic solvents. The RGA10 is designed to provide vertical/inclined fall protection to operatives ascending or descending a ladder or structure. This version of the rope grab is for use with 16mm Hawser Laid Rope Only. This unit can be equipped with or without a shock pack that cannot be removed, however due to the “gate opening” method of attachment, the RGA10 offers positive closure and good camming action. The locking cam on this device is toothed and arrests well on the hawser laid rope. When used in conjunction with the RGA10R hawser laid rope, the RGA10 provides excellent protection as a vertical fall protection system, normally used in heavy industrial areas where fouling and debris will be transferred to the rope. The RGA10 is fitted with a shock pack to minimize loading transferred to the anchors. When in use, it is recommended that slight tension is placed on the rope to aid movement, as with all highly flexible systems. In working conditions it is usual to provide additional fall protection equipment to protect the user when detaching from the device at height

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