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C & C Lifting

Eye Bolt Long Shank

Metric Thread Long shank Collared Eye bolts to BS529 178mm long
Alternative thread forms available.
Long Shanks Produced from BS529 Part 1 1944 Forgings
Material: As specified in BS 529 Hardened and Tempered. SWL (safe working load) Shown at 0° (vertical) angle of lift.
Sizes under M12 (12mm) are not recommended for lifting
Collared Eyebolts
Material: BS970-080A27 hardened and tempered
Safety Factor: MBL equals 5 x SWL
Standard: B.S. 4278 - table 1 - 1984
Finish: self-colour, electro-galvanized
Certificates: this product is supplied with a works certificate as standard
Note: upon request a basic raw material and/or EC Declaration of Conformity is available

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