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C & C Lifting

Bolt Tester

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All hire products are organised at C&C on Collection.

The Process is as follows;

1. Arrange a duration and price
2. Complete an equipment handover on its operation.
3. Sign a hire agreement.
4. Organise Payment

Anchor Pull out Testing (Onsite):for Testing bolts and Anchors
Tests for anchors on site is required for two distinct purposes.

1) To determine the suitability of a fixing and the Allowable Resistance of an anchor in the case where no manufacturer’s data is available for the specific base material concerned.

2) To validate the quality of installation of anchors used on the job, i.e. quality check.

C & C Lifting carry out independent pull out tests to help establish the strength of fixings that have been installed into walls & floors, our pull out tests are essential for high rise commercial buildings, railways, highways agencies and airports.

There are a number of factors that can affect the strength and durability of eyebolts, anchor bolts, scaffold ties, stud anchors, resin bolts and safety wires. By carrying out this independent test any flaws or anomalies will be discovered & remedial actions can be taken, generally, a visual inspection cannot guarantee the strength and condition of bolts and testing is the only way to establish the condition of bolts

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