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STOPFOR M manual sliding textile rope grab is used to create a mobile anchor point on a textile rope. The Stopfor M is particularly suitable for work on sloping planes, for example on roofs. The STOPFOR M enables the user to anchor himself at his work position and work in total safety. Once he has completed his work he can return to a safe area by sliding the Stopfor M along the rope.

The Stopfor M can be used in two ways :

The “holding” method. The cam grips the rope when the user stops pressing the red lever. The user can then be supported at his work position by the work positioning system consisting of the textile rope, the STOPFOR M, the lanyard and the harness.
The “released” method. The cam opens when the user presses the red lever, and the STOPFOR M can then be moved along the rope. While he is moving along the rope, in“released” mode, the user is not anchored, and if there is an incident, the user must release the lever. A spring will then cause the cam to close.
To install the STOPFOR M on the rope, the unit must be opened. The unit has a hinge which is closed using a captive screw and automatic lock. The STOPFOR M has a device which prevents the unit from closing if it is fitted upside down on the rope.

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